Cybersecurity for Smaller Law Firms: Ways to Protect your Practice

Episode 16 November 19, 2021 00:44:01
Cybersecurity for Smaller Law Firms: Ways to Protect your Practice
High-Performance Legal Entrepreneur
Cybersecurity for Smaller Law Firms: Ways to Protect your Practice

Show Notes

In today's episode, we interview Tom Lambotte, CEO and Founder of BobaGuard, a turnkey cyber security solution for solo and small law firms.

Tom Lambotte
Tom Lambotte is a cybersecurity expert who has been in the tech support industry for over a decade. He founded BobaGuard in 2019, which offers turnkey solutions to solo lawyers and small-to-medium law firms.

In addition, Tom is also the CEO and Founder of GlobalMac IT, an established managed service provider specializing in serving lawyers nationwide who use Macs by implementing his Proven Process™.

Tom’s mission is to help entrepreneurs grow by leveraging technology. He has taken it upon himself to be a hero to lawyers running solo, small and mid-size law firms, at the intersection of technology adoption, efficiency, and security. BobaGuard was born out of a passion to make the latest cybersecurity solutions accessible and affordable to ALL, not just BigLaw.

Tom is the author of the American Bar Association’s "Macs in Law" and has been widely published by legal industry online and print publications. He also authored Hassle-Free Mac IT Support for Law Firms and Legal Boost: Big Profits Through an IT Transformation. Tom's weekly blog, Stupid Simple Security Tips, provides actionable and simplified strategies to protect solo and small-to-mid-size lawyers from getting hacked.

He lights up a room with his contagious charm and love for all things family. He may be the proud dad of four sweet kids (and two cute French Bulldog puppies) and husband to his fantastic wife, but he lives an adventurous lifestyle as well! Every day brings new adventures in Cleveland, Ohio, where you can find this active family man at home, searching his property for mushrooms, or out exploring hiking trails near Lake Erie coastline to sampling the best ice cream shops in Chagrin Falls with his family.

BobaGuard is the modern solution that protects solo and small to mid-sized la firms from getting hacked without the requirement of hiring an expensive IT company to do it all. The turnkey cybersecurity suite implements comprehensive protection, security management, and best-in-class, curated solutions.

Prevail Legal Marketing
Prevail Legal Marketing is redefining the relationship between PPC companies and law firms. Marketing agencies have been taking advantage of law firms for too long with retainers that incentivize higher ad spends rather than improved performance.

At Prevail, we partner with law firms to mitigate their risk by guaranteeing lead costs and reinventing the traditional marketing retainer model.

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